Scalable MR Solutions

Designed For Your Business

Mixed Reality is already helping businesses and enterprises yield real operational efficiencies while transforming the way they engage.


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Devices and Rigs

Making Mixed Reality Accessible

For certain projects and deployments, including proof-of-concept or pilots, we offer loaner Microsoft HoloLens devices as well as on-premise setup and facilitation. We also offer an integrated MR Rig deployment option. Contact us for more information.


Subject to availability and location

Enhanced Training

A well trained team is essential in improving operational efficiencies, reducing error rates and safety incidents.


Mixed Reality offers ‘hands on’ digital realisim using immersive 3D visualization and interactions. It also offer a safe and efficient way to generate dynamic situational scenarios and deeper layers of interactions in any training environment.

Collaborative Work

Converge on ideas quicker, detect issues sooner or resolve problems more effectively with 3D visualization and real-time collaboration.


We can help integrate Mixed Reality into your production, design or communication workflows with both internal or external customers to bring real benefits to your processes.

Memorable Engagements

Elevate your next corporate presentation, marketing event or exhibition with Mixed Reality.


A digitally augmented and interactive experience using the Hololens provides an engagement dimension that will leave your guests, customers or participants with a lasting impression.