Re-Imagine Engagement

For Better Learning

We are making Mixed Reality easy and within reach for schools, institutions and learning centers. Design your own immersive and engaging learning experiences and let us deploy on-site with no hardware purchase, setup hassle or steep learning curves. Contact us to learn more about our facilitated sessions or MR rigs for schools.

Pick and schedule an experience.

Devices and setup provided.

Teachers access reports.

Learning with Mixed Reality (Singapore)

Enhancing Pedagogy

Mixed Reality is taking learning pedagogies to a new level.


Engage students with collaborative, interactive and immersive learning. Design team and game-based MR experiences to help extend or reinforce subject matter understanding.

Experiential Visualization

Learning is more effective and impactful through immersive 3D interaction and visualization.


Students see through complexities quicker, allowing them to better grasp spatial and volumetric relations as well as system level interactions or cross curricular relationships.

Structure and Scale

We help educators integrate class-scale Mixed Reality into their lesson plan through our various deployment models.


Our MR learning solutions can be delivered as teacher managed or self-led sessions and includes reports for student assessment or records.