Hololens Mixed Reality in Stamford


Serl.io and Stamford American International School pioneer learning through holograms, marking the first time this technology is used in Singapore classrooms.


Serl.io, a US-based technology firm founded in 2013 by two Singaporeans, today announced a collaboration with Stamford American International School, to introduce 3D holographic based learning to its classrooms.


Launched in January 2018, the Serl.io/Stamford American project sees teachers and students donning the Microsoft HoloLens smart glasses, marking this the very first time the Microsoft HoloLens is being used in an educational setting in Singapore.


The HoloLens was released in 2016 within the U.S. and is used by industry leaders such as Volvo and Airbus. The Serl.io/Stamford American project aims to harness the transformative potential of this technology in academic learning by letting students collaboratively interact with educational holographic experiences developed by Serl.io.


“Imagine opening your biology book in class. Instead of a picture on a page or a screen, the human body, complete with organs, muscles and skeleton, in real scale and in 3D springs up before your eyes where you and your classmates can then pull apart and to truly explore and learn.  It literally brings your textbook to life. Its potential in the learning space is vast.” says Terence Loo, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Serl.io.


The deployment of the Microsoft HoloLens at Stamford American will be mostly in secondary level STEM subjects to offer students an alternate method to effectively grasp spatial relationships, structure and dynamics of complex systems and concepts. However, creative and expressive applications are also being explored for the Arts curriculum.


“As leaders in education, Stamford American believes the collaboration with Serl.io enables students to immerse themselves in their learning, and to shape their future in new and interesting ways. It provides a visual aspect to learning which supports overall engagement and retention of content. Our students and staff are so excited,” says Craig Kemp, Stamford American’s Head of Educational Technology.


Access to this technology unfortunately is limited as the Microsoft HoloLens cost US$5,000 each and is not commercially available in Singapore. To address this, Serl.io will be launching a service that offers affordable educational holographic experiences to schools here later in the year.


“Beyond accessibility and technology, our team is delivering content experiences that is also fun and entertaining along learning outcomes.” notes Shawn Ignatius, Serl.io’s Co-Founder and Business Development Director.


Serl.io’s partnership with Stamford American is a first step toward developing a framework for broader adoption of holographic reality technology in schools and academia, giving Singapore educators another tool to transform their learning environment and bolstering the nation’s reputation as an innovative leader in education.