Manage Your Mixed Reality Sessions

Session Control and Management

The MR Console Windows App gives session facilitators a single control console with features to easily deploy, monitor and run multiple shared space Mixed Reality sessions without the need for internet connectivity.


The MR Console is free for use and currently supports Microsoft HoloLens apps.

Sync Device Fleet

Install Mixed Reality apps to your fleet of registered devices simultaneously through a single interface.


Download your apps or app updates and push them to your selected devices, easy and quick.

Manage Sessions

Launch and montior multiple MR sessions from a single console. Observe participant interaction with the augmented environment from a 1st or 3rd Person POV Camera.


Track participant dropout state, battery level and anchor alignment in real-time as well as pace individual sessions with scene and navigational controls. Connectivity is not required.

Access Reports

Search and download post-session assessment reports capturing participant interaction.


Administrators can access these reports based on a variety of search parameters including session dates, specific session or event names.

Get Insights

Session analytics comprises of scene and object interaction data for each participant in each session.


From positional heat maps to gaze and tap/drag counts over session time, administrators and developers will gain a deeper understanding on how participants are responding to the MR experience.