with managed synchronous Mixed Reality experiences

The solution for deploying and managing multiple shared-space collaborative Mixed Reality sessions

From content to deployment, our solution is designed to make integrating Mixed Reality into education, industry and corporate use as well as location-based entertainment easy.


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Develop your MR application or content with us or select from our catalog of HoloLens titles.


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Devices and on-site facilitation available or manage your sessions with the MR Console.


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Gain insights into user engagement and interactions with session reports, data and analytics visualization.

Learn more about the Mixed Reality session management platform.

Custom or Catalog Content

Our team specializes in developing collaborative Mixed Reality content and experiences that will engage and captivate users. MR Console

The laptop app for teachers, trainers or facilitators to easily set-up, run and manage multiple MR sessions simultaneously as well as to access reports and analytics.

Devices Included

No hardware investment or set up hassle. Our deployment include devices, set-up and on-site facilitators to run your MR sessions.

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