The Platform for Collaborative Mixed Reality Experiences

Deploy Faster. Easier. Better.


The Platform for Collaborative Mixed Reality Experiences

About is the Mixed Reality platform for developers and users to efficiently deploy and run collaborative HoloLens applications.


Beyond the platform, the highly experienced team at is using the transformative potential of Mixed Reality to help unlock opportunities everywhere.


From our unique delivery of Mixed Reality learning and educational experiences  to impactful solutions for businesses to enhance efficiency and engagement, we are excited to drive development of this emerging technology with our partners.

Designed For Mixed Reality Everywhere






Collaborative MR Platform

Create, run and facilitate collaborative Mixed Reality experiences quickly and easily. Our platform is designed to make developing and deploying collaborative MR apps more efficient.



Industry and Enterprise

Be it heads up-hands free augmented guides or experiential branding engagements, our work with corporations and organizations in Mixed Reality centers on delivering real benefits to their business.



Mixed Reality for Education

Engaging this digital generation of learners is challenging but the affordances of Mixed Reality can help. See how we offer educators access to the technology as part of their lesson plans.



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