RESHAPE ENGAGEMENT MRx is the easiest way to create and deploy interactive and collaborative Mixed Reality content. This no-code platform is designed to get you started on Mixed Reality quickly and offers a scalable approach in leveraging the technology across use cases.

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Free on the Microsoft Store.

MRx requires MRx Console for Windows 11 and MRx for HoloLens 2.


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Product Visualization

Make your product showcase more informative and memorable.

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Training & Learning

Improve learning effectivness with experiential and team based simulations.

Guides & Checklists

Augment work tasks with heads-up and hands-free digital overlays.

Design Reviews

Reduce iterations with true scale 3D views with stakeholders in real-time anywhere.

Space Planning

Optimize layout using  spatial visualization of to-scale 3D objects with space locking.

Other Engagements

Enhance presentations, pitches and events with 3D immersive experiences.

Unlock new possibilites and efficiencies with our range of Mixed Reality services and solutions.




Create interactive content, then deploy to collaborative sessions where participants can engage in MR from anywhere.




No coding. ‘Gaze and drop’ in MR space to create interactive, step-based content for your sessions. WYSIWYG.




MRx stand-alone rigs available. Includes session management system and preconfigured HoloLens 2 devices.



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“A very powerful solution indeed! This is fantastic.”

“I find using MRx quite easy and user friendly.”


Dr. Suresh Paranjothy

Senior Consultant Anaesthetist

National University Health System

Mixed Reality headsets and rig solutions are available for purchase or lease.