Wonderment in Collaborative Mixed Reality

Designed For Engagement

Excite, captivate and inspire this digital generation through immersive 3D visualization and interaction. Our Mixed Reality educational titles are fun team-based learning and discovery experiences to reinforce understanding and achieve learning outcomes more effectively.

Designed For Class-Scale Deployment


Mixed Reality made easy.

No hardware purchase, setup or maintenance on your part.

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You select a title and schedule online

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We bring all the needed hardware to you

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We set it up and start you on your experience

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You access post session reports and analytics

It’s Broad Learning

Go beyond books and slides. Our Mixed Reality activities cultivate analytical thinking and communication skills while reinforcing and extending subject matter knowledge.

It’s Team Exploration

Engagement is not singular in dimension. Embark on a learning journey together with your classmates in real-time and in real-space collaborative experiences.

It’s Exciting And Fun

Learning can and should be fun. Why shouldn’t it? Our scenario driven experiences using interactive 3D holograms will challenge and captivate today’s digital generation.