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3D ‘POWERPOINT’ + ‘ZOOM’ IN MR MRx is an easy and scalable solution for anyone to deploy real time collaboration sessions in Mixed Reality. No coding is needed to create your own interactive step-based simulation or guides for use in local or remote sessions.



Available early 2021. Schedule a demo now.

How It Works

The MRx App is downloaded to a Windows 10 PC or laptop. It include the Session Manager interface and the installer for the HoloLens App. The easy set up let you get started on collaborating in Mixed Reality quickly.

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  1. Download the app.

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  1. Create your simulations (no code).

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  1. Deploy your collaboration sessions.

MRx win10 App interface

Win10 MRx App


Used for administration and setup:


  • Register and manage devices. Install and update HoloLens App to devices.
  • Upload and manage assets to be used in the simulation.
  • Launch or join offline (local) or online (remote) collaboration sessions. Access session reports.
no code mixed reality creation

HoloLens App


Installed to your devices from the Win10 MRx App:


  • Create step-based simulations using a no-code gaze-and-drop interface. Simulations can be fully digital or overlaid on real world objects.
  • Add 3D models, images, videos or text. Make them interactive or animate them in your simulation.
  • Navigate the simulation as a participant in the session.
MRx Session Manager interface

Session Manager


For facilitating sessions off-device:


  • Used in multi-group sessions such as in classrooms or training spaces.
  • Allows facilitator to track and monitor users in session or to control the simulation.