Grade: Grade 10 / Secondary 4

Subject: Biology

Topic: Ecology and Genetics

Crescent Girls School, Singapore


Students per Session: 4

No. of Simultaneous Sessions: 5

Session Length: 30 mins


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You are part of a team of ecologists and geneticists task to collect and analyze samples around a nuclear accident site, both before and after the accident.


Use the evidence you find to understand the impact a nuclear accident has on the surrounding eco-systems and answer following:


(a) Why are top consumers most affected by the accident.
(b) What variations are found and what caused the presence of mutated species.
(c) What caused the population shift.

Outcomes / Objectives:

  • Apply understanding¬† of Natural Selection and Variations / Mutations.
  • Engage in Circle of View Points reporting.
  • Cultivate collaboration and communication skills.

Mixed reality activity outline:

  • Each student in the session team chooses a role as a geneticist or an ecologist.
  • The team will analyze and discuss to determine which collection sites to go to and what samples to collect. The sites around the nuclear plant consists of forest and stream habitats.
  • Students have to plan ahead as they have a limited number of slots for sample collection.
  • After the samples are collected, the students will analyze them using an array of lab equipment.
  • The equipment include a stereo microscope
  • The results will be collated as a group report that can be emailed or printed at the end of the session for discussion and reporting out.

What to expect:

  • Our team arrives about 1 hour before scheduled start to set up.
  • Students will be given a 5 minute brief on how to put on and use the hololens and an outline of the Ecolysis Mixed Reality experience.
  • Students are seperated into Groups 1 and 2 for class sizes between 20-40 students.
  • Group 1 will run the experience and the groups change over when Group 1 has completed their session.
  • Students/teacher receives analysis report at the end of each session.
  • Alternatively, short term deployment of our rig at the school provides greater flexibility for teachers. In this case, teachers will be briefed on how to conduct the MR experience at their convenience.


  • This is an indoor experience. A table at least 36″ x 36″ will be required for each group with at least 48″ of unencumbered space around the table for students to move around safely.
  • Power outlets and a desk will be required for the facilitator’s station.
  • Sufficient space to conduct class briefing.