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Grade: Grade 9 / Secondary 2

Subject: Chemisty

Topic: Electrons and Covalent Bond

San Jacinto College, Houston


Students per Session: 4

No. of Simultaneous Sessions: 4

Session Length: 20 mins


Price (Singapore):

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Price (United States):

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Our Mixed Reality deployment is designed to work with your class schedule and lesson plans. Contact us to learn more.


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Imagine spawning 3D atoms everywhere in your classroom, then forming up atoms to demonstrate how covalent bonding works and seeing their geometric structure and angles right there in 3D and in real space.  You can with HoloSphere!


We are taking chemistry to a whole new dimension. Click on the link below to read more:

Outcomes / Objectives:

  • Create and visualize atoms, atomic and molecular structures in 3D.
  • Form and demonstrate covalent bonding in mixed reality.

What to expect:

  • Our team arrives about 1 hour before scheduled start to set up.
  • Students will be given a 5 minute brief on how to put on and use the hololens and an outline of the Holosphere Mixed Reality experience.
  • Each student will be given a task sheet prepared by the teacher.
  • Students are seperated into Groups 1 and 2 for class sizes between 17-32 students.
  • Group 1 will run the experience to complete the tasks and the groups change over when Group 1 has completed their session.
  • Students/teacher receives analysis report at the end of each session.
  • Alternatively, short term deployment of our rig at the school provides greater flexibility for teachers. In this case, teachers will be briefed on how to conduct the MR experience at their convenience.


  • This MR experience is designed to supplement in class lesson plans. Teachers can create their  own task sheets for students or students can take a guided simulation.
  • Unencumbered space of about 15 ft x 15 ft for each session to allow  students to move around safely.
  • Power outlets and a desk will be required for the facilitator’s station.
  • Sufficient space to conduct class briefing.