Oil Rig Trainer

Grade: Basic

Subject: Industry Training

Topic: Land Based Oil Rig



Students per Session: 3

No. of Simultaneous Sessions: 5

Session Length: 20 mins


Price (Singapore):

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Price (United States):

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This is table top scaled 3D holographic land based oil rig is used in a class setting to orientate users to the various areas of the rig, their functions as well as the process of drilling. The built-in 3D interactive quiz session can be used to assess user understanding.


Outcomes / Objectives:

  • Orientate and familiarize with the various parts of a land based oil rig.
  • Learn the function and mechanics of key components such as the BOP.

Mixed reality activity outline:

  • Users will be explore the 3D layout of Oil Rig and drill into each key area for a mroe detailed 3D view and explanation.
  • FurtherĀ  3D interactive features are available for key components, such as the BOP where users canĀ  simulate their operation with 3D animation and visualizing the internal detailed components.
  • Users can simulate the process flow to show how the drilling operation works.
  • An interactive quiz session at the end tests the users understanding from the session.