Tower Blast

Grade: Grade 11 / JC (Pre-U) 1

Subject: Physics

Topic: Projectile Motion



Students per Session: 4

No. of Simultaneous Sessions: 5

Session Length: 30 mins


Price (Singapore):

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Ready! Aim! Fire! Build your tower, position your canon. But it’s the angles and velocity that count. This table top battle pit teams against each other in various game modes that extends the understanding and application of projectile motion in a truly fun and engaging experience.


Outcomes / Objectives:

  • Apply understanding of projectile motion equations.
  • Understand the relationship between governing variables.
  • Cultivate team working skills.

Mixed reality activity outline:

  • Each student in the session enters their name/id and picks either the red or blue team.
  • Both teams will build their cannon and start launching cannonballs downrange. The team will hold/vary launch angle or velocity and record the distance/range. This will provide them with a correlation of the variables.
  • Red and blue team now goes head to head. Each team will position their cannon and tower. Using the data from the previous launch, they will attempt to hit each other’s tower by setting cannon angle and launch velocity. Each team will have 3 attempts.
  • The next challenge mode is to launch the cannonballs from an elevated position. Each team will have 3 attempts.
  • Upon completion, the teams will be able to see how their correlation data in relation the equation and the difference when launching from an elevated position.

What to expect:

  • Our team arrives about 1 hour before scheduled start to set up.
  • Students will be given a 5 minute brief on how to put on and use the hololens and an outline of the Tower Blast Mixed Reality experience.
  • Students are seperated into Groups 1 and 2 for class sizes between 20-40 students.
  • Group 1 will run the experience and the groups change over when Group 1 has completed their session.
  • Students/teacher receives report at the end of the session.
  • Alternatively, short term deployment of our rig at the school provides greater flexibility for teachers. In this case, teachers will be briefed on how to conduct the MR experience at their convenience.


  • This is an indoor experience. A table at least 60″ x 30″ will be required for each group with about 48″ of unencumbered space around the table for students to move around safely.
  • Power outlets and a desk will be required for the facilitator’s station.
  • Sufficient space to conduct class briefing.